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Main Feautures - Customer care solutions optimized, online for every website. ChatBiz247 application is integrated into your business website easily, simple chat interface, easy to use. ChatBiz247 helps your business to respond promptly to customer requests 24/7, ChatBiz247 help your business upgrade potential customers to the level of loyalty ...

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Just paste the JavaScript code provided by ChatBiz247 into the header or footer of any website so you can contact directory with your customers and Extremely powerful and simple administration interface...

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ChatBiz247 supports the display of your business logo on the customer interface interface and other content related to the identity of your business brand, data is absolutely confidential ...

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ChatBiz247 allows you to index all chat content in the online discussions, as well as contact information for customers to handle the marketing campaign later. It also report you full information that customers send you when you are not Online ...

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Benefit for customer

Increase sales - When you take care customer well, so customers will trust and buy more of you; Never miss an order - Resolve immediately the request of the customer, you will not be competing for the order to meet that request; Save time - Time is life. So, save up time for your customers and your business too; Building a competitive strategy - With statistical results from ChatBiz247, you have a good base to build sales strategies, customer care competition, different from competitors.  

Why should you use

There are many reasons to choose ChatBiz247 as an online customer care channel, including the following main reasons: Help your customers and you solve the problems immediately; Increase customer loyalty for your business; Manage online, offline sessions easily, conveniently.