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About Us

ChatBiz247 is an online customer care application for Vietnamese businesses. ChatBiz247 is easily integrated into the website of the business, whenever customers surf the web of business, customers will have the opportunity to exchange online with businesses, this is an opportunity to help businesses immediately answer the love. Customer demand, turning prospects into loyal customers. ChatBiz247 has a terminal user interface such as a small banner in the lower right corner of the window.

          ChatBiz247 was born with the mission of supporting and accompanying the development of companies with online websites. ChatBiz247 is really solution customer care, sales, marketing efficiency of the business.


1. Bridge between customer and business

Real-time online chat, no costly installation, minimal communication costs, timely support wherever needed, eliminating the need for in-store purchases, addressing supply and demand. bridge from 2 sides.

2. Simple yet full featured

Always put yourself in the customer's place to experience, ChatBiz247 effort to create simple products but bring full of outstanding features for supporters (businesses) and customers.

3. The win-win spirit

Your success is our success. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. ChatBiz247 always strives to ensure the quality of products, achieve the satisfaction of the user, support every time, everywhere.